Hi fag, I’m 23 years old who lives in Berlin. I always thought I was an alpha. I’ve been attracted to smooth/soft boys since the age of 12. I always have sex with younger twinks (17-22). I’ve never been submissive or a bottom in any sexual encounter. The idea of younger twinks submitting turns the hell out of me. I’m muscular and dominant which attracts twinks to me.  However, I recently became attracted to younger alphas. I feel the need to worship them, lick their feet, armpits, swallow their spit and let them piss on me. I rarely get attracted to someone who is older than me. The problem is that its hard for me to find younger alphas because they are usually looking for twinks or skinny soft boys. A muscular 23yo doesn’t turn them on. The second problem is that my need to submit to younger alphas disappears when I’m at a party for example. This fantasy is only when I’m alone jerking off. However, its still there and it turns me on to be user by a younger alphas.  I’m confused. Am I an alpha or a faggot? Is it normal to be both at the same time? Why am I only attracted to guys younger than me? 

Sir, you are most certainly Alpha. I would probably classify you on my chart as a “sub-Alpha”, which is a classification of Alpha below (and subservient to) Alphas. Your desire/need to use faggots hasn’t stopped or waned at all, so what you’re experiencing are simply masturbatory fantasies. If you wanted to be used by Alphas, it wouldn’t be hard – there are lots of Alphas who love to have a muscle stud submit to them. I suspect you’re not truly submissive, which is why nothing has ever come of it. I wouldn’t be too concerned about it, Sir.
Oh, and you like younger faggots because YOU’RE A MAN. Every Man loves younger pussy, Sir. 

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