So a few days ago I asked the question “Why is there only one faggot on here that answers these questions?” and to My amazement there were actually one of two others that answered. So My question today is two parts 1) how do you faggots like to serve? and 2) where can we alphas find a good faggot to serve?

I’ll answer this one for myself and post it for others to answer as well, Sir.

  1. I like to serve in person. Online service is pointless to me. And I could suck dick forever and never stop.
  2. There are faggots EVERYWHERE Sir. It’s not a matter of needing to find a magical, Narnia-like Land O’ Faggots … we are everywhere. Honestly, Alphas simply need to exert more influence to get these faggots (often hiding in plain sight) to submit on the spot. 

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