after 26 years of marriage it i realized i am a Submissive slave to black men. and i feel its my duty to satisfy superior black men sexually. at 55 all i think about is bbc   i have a huge round big bubble butt that black men love and i am only too happy to give my hole to black cocks for use. i have a pussy now and its where i receive cum loads  after about 3 months i wonder if i am doing the right thing . cause one night i was gangbanged by 5 guys who were very brutal with hard slaps to my face and hard belting on my ass calling me a white faggot  cracker pig whore slut cum dump as they spit on my face and in my mouth . no mercy and no respect for me not that i deserved any   is this normal  is this the way i am to serve black men. it was just a scene i wasnt ready for  but i am happy i could satisfy their needs 

Well, you got a rough lesson, brother. Serving Alpha packs of any race is a lot to handle; they will push and pull you in ways you didn’t think you could go. But I’ve said it here many times out of experience: black Alphas (and, exponentially so, black Alpha packs) are mind-blowing. They will absolutely use you with impunity. 
Honestly, from your tone I’m guessing that you’re more shocked than horrified and you’re already wanting more. Good faggot! 

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