Hey Sam, so I have a straight friend that i have known for years who is super hot and probably an Alpha. Years ago he told me he might be bi but unfortunately it didn’t turn out to be true, tbh i don’t know if he experimented and found out or just hit him that he wasn’t. Anyway, i once tried to introduce to him the hierarchy and told him I’m a sub/faggot and have served many Alphas, then told him what my Alphas were like, to which he told me he’d love to be like that (have a wife and/or a kid, many chicks to fuck on the side, everyone loving him etc). But it didn’t go any further than this. When he stayed at my house i let him sleep in my bed while i stayed in the couch, he had a shower and saw him half naked, his big muscles wet, omg my knees were week. Then we talked and I sat on the floor to show him my place, he was barefoot and his feet were gorgeous. When he went to sleep i went and sniffed his shoes that stunk horribly – he was traveling on train all day – but still i loved it. Needless to say i couldn’t sleep all night, i was stroking to the idea of him coming to the couch and asking for a blowjob. Nothing happened though and the next day he left. Still to this day i try to give him as much attention as i can so he knows Im always available for Him, but what else can I do to show him that I’m a fag and not just a friend? Ps he once told me he has a big dick and wanted to show me a pic but i was so idiot to play the friend an said no

Hi brother! You’re on the right track, for sure. I was surprised nothing came out of your admission to him about being a faggot and serving Men. Ordinarily true straight Alphas will go away with that kind of information, think about it, and then come back with something more (actions or questions). It could be that he’s simply content with the friendship and doesn’t want to lose that in favor of sexual favors. And let’s not ignore the truth that not every Alpha is interested in using faggots no matter what. 
If possible, have a few drinks with him and then try to talk to him about it. Alcohol (or pot) will often grease the wheels for this kind of thing. Also, if you’re sitting at his feet, offer a foot massage or just start rubbing his feet. Body contact is like a form of alcohol in the brain.
I commend you for some of your boldness here. Just a slight push more could yield interesting results. 

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