Hello, so this isn’t really a question but rather more of a reassurance that I handled a situation appropriately. I had a Tumblr account message me that had “master” in its title. I respond because why not see where this goes. I can tell right away that this account is looking for online fags; however, I got real sceptical of everything when I saw that the account only had 4-5 posts, and all were from today. So when whoever was on the other end asked if I wanted to serve completely and also be involved in findom with a tribute of  $58, I responded that I am not sure if I am ready for that. Next thing I know there’s a thing at the bottom saying that this Tumblr account can’t receive messages. While I am involved in findom and have met and served a few alphas in other ways online, I just want to put out there that it doesn’t hurt to play the naïve card. This very well could have been a proper Alpha, but I got some red flags, and just want to make sure that I did the right thing by playing dumb and not giving in.

Yes, you definitely did the right thing, brother. It makes me sick that there are pigs like this guy sucking in gullible faggots. 

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