I’m a fag in chastity (28yo) and I have always considered myself a total bottom. Lately I’ve been hanging out with another locked fag (24yo), we have become very good friends, and I’m now having desires to top him. Is this normal? I can’t explain this feeling, it’s very primal and I’m drawn to his pussy and locked clit in a way that I’ve never been to anyone else, Ive also never had fag friends before. Is it ok for me to unlock and try to top him? Can fags experiment in this way? Or should I stay locked? I do not have a key holder right now. Maybe I just need a cold shower before we hang out! I always love your advice to others, thank you for being our friend and confidant!

Brother, that’s a curious situation. I’ve never had the desire to top anybody, even when I was fucking females (what a joke). I think the correct answer to your issue is it’s fine to unlock and top the other faggot as long as neither of you are owned. I mean, I don’t think there is anything wrong with experimentation. You’re both young and still learning about yourselves. Just be ready for anything. You never know what you might find when you decide to start overturning stones.

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