I’m straight but I’ve fucked guys mostly hairless twinks and they are by far some of the most fun fucks of my life! When you fuck another male, there is a psychological high that is rarely experienced when fucking a girl. It’s kind of weird but man it feels great!

Thank you so much for this, Sir! 

I have spent most of my adult life as a faggot who served straight Alphas like yourself, and many of them have said something similar to what you’ve written above. I think straight Men are surprised at what happens within themselves when they fuck faggots for the first time. They find that beast there that they always knew existed, a beast they can unleash on faggots with complete abandon. 

But even more importantly, when a straight Man fucks a faggot, he discovers that he was born to rule the world. He realizes that can fuck anyone he wants without mercy or consequences. That everyone and everything is his to use at will. That he is, in reality a King. It’s a heady emotional rush, indeed.

I am so happy to hear your reaction to this new aspect of your life, Sir. Don’t forget that these faggots are now YOURS to do with as you please. They can become your domestic servants. Your convenient sex toys. Your massage therapist, your cook, your chauffeur. 

Welcome to Alphahood, Sir. Godhood. 

It was what you were born to be!

Thank you for your message, Sir! I truly appreciate it!