I am a young faggot from the UK who has been a “cash fag” for my alpha, gay American friend for a over a year now.. but I want more.
It all started when I offered to pay for some porn for him.. and then offered to pay for whatever he wants. He comes to me quite often asking for money, which has ranged from $10 to $700, and I have loved sending him every coin of it. But, although he is a dominant top to guys, he isn’t to me. Which is okay! But I wish he wouldn’t feel the need to be so shy and coy. I told him he can degrade me, I told him he doesn’t have to see me as a friend, I am nothing more than a cash fag to him. We both know he’s alpha and sometimes he will be dominant when he demands the money but I wish he would fully go for it and embrace it! I don’t care if it loses our friendship, me serving him is more important.

Okay, well this is more of a declaration than a question, I guess. Everything depends on your former friend accepting that you are really nothing more than his faggot at this point and accept it. I don’t think he’s there yet.

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