Hi Sam, I’m the 17 year old from here and now I’m living alone and near my alpha! We’re planning on meeting up for the first time if restrictions allow it and he said the first time would just be to grab a coffee or something like that. I’m really nervous, is there any tips on what to do and anything not to do for a first time meeting. Is there also anything we should discuss? Thank you Sam!

Brother, congratulations on the success with this Alpha! The method has worked so far, hasn’t it? I’m so proud of you for being persistent and courageous! Keep going!
Just use the word “Sir” and thank him. Smile and be happy, enjoy yourself in his presence. Let him take the lead in the conversation, and feel free to give your opinions when he asks for them. The main thing for this first encounter is to be open, complimentary, submissive, and pleasant. And obey if he gives you a command. Trust him. He seems like he’s willing to take you slowly. GOOD LUCK!

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