hi there~ I’m a submissive and breedable faggot currently owned by my alpha dominant daddy for the last 7 years. We just got engaged this year and he proposed with a beautiful ring. Ever since then, he’s become more and more dominant and i’ve become increasingly turned on by how he tells me to cook for him and his buddies and spanks me in the kitchen in front of them, etc. When he proposed to me he told me that our relationship is now ownership and he doesn’t have to ask for consent from me to do anything, even loan me out to his buddies. He fucks rough and likes to push me to my limit, leave me with bruises, bred and forcefed poppers to put me in heat for his rutting. I love not having any say but doing everything to please him. Our sex is rarely anything other than rape now and giving him that power over me feels like my most important calling. I even encourage my friends to submit to him because his seed is sacred and there’s no greater honour than feeling it become a part of me. I like the idea that once he breeds my friends, we become related by his DNA too. I’m writing today for more tips on how I can go further in submitting to him? I want to be his perfect boy. What are some other things that could demonstrate my position below him in the hierarchy? 

First of all, congratulations on the upcoming marriage! That’s a big step, but it sounds like you have potent chemistry with this overwhelmingly dominant Alpha! The increased dominance and the raping is an unusual result of the engagement, but I’m guessing he views the ring as his license to do whatever he wants. I know the hand-wringers who read this site will object, but I get this side of the Alpha drive quite well. As long as you’re doing okay, I’m fine with it.
I’m not sure I can identify how you can submit more than you already do, brother! You didn’t mention anything about taking care of domestic duties, but I’m assuming you are taking care of those things. You can make yourself more of a slave-like figure for him (like serving him meals and kneeling beside him quietly as he eats, kneeling or sitting at his feet while he watches TV) and making sure you keep your body in tip-top shape for him. Make sure you dress is outfits that satisfy his desires, etc. Start learning how to cook very well for him. 
I’m very happy for you both! Send me a pic from the wedding when it happens, brother!

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