I just stumbled across your site, and I’m hopeful I might have found somewhere I can actually get some guidance. I am 33yo tall, good looking, and muscular. I only bring this up because it’s why I believe no alpha wants me. I’m too old, and too big to seem to catch any alpha’s attention. I’ll admit, I have very little experience, and don’t have a clue how to find an alpha to connect with. But the desire to just completely submit is overwhelming. The best way I can describe it is a need to get completely lost on the power of a true alpha, lose site of where I end he begins. I know I’m not alone in this desire, it just seems like everyone else who desires this has already found it. I’d love to know if it is my size and build that turns them off, or if its something else I’m doing wrong. Any advice or guidance is appreciated. 

My dear brother, thank you so much for writing! I can hear the frustration and desire in your words, and it touches my heart! 
Your size and age have nothing to do with it. You’re only 33 years old! That’s nothing. And I’m sure you have a beautiful, wondrous body … what Alpha would not want to own that? In fact, I’ve known lots of Alphas who PREFER to have large, muscular faggots submit to them – it’s a power trip for them. 
You’re very familiar with gyms and gym culture, right? Well, Alphas there are, too, and they instantly recognize faggots who are offering service to them. They generally love it, too. Just humble yourself and start offering assistance – spotting, towels, sports drinks, protein, etc. Be complimentary and warm. Ask questions. I promise they will catch on. 
I always mention this little trick to faggots who are trying to entice Alphas: get as close to ground level as you can. You want to take on the submissive physical position in relation to the Alpha. When an Alpha sees you near their feet it triggers their dominant instincts. Also, don’t be shy of using flirty eye glances to their crotch. Alphas DO notice that stuff. All of these things are triggers.

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