Hi Sam. I’m having a real hard time understanding why we should serve Straight Alphas. Deep down, I can feel my need to serve them. I am a true faggot. But I am completely turned off by witnessing how powerless Alpha Straight Men are to women. The only thing I understand is that Straight Alphas are meant for breeding. This is something faggots will never be able to understand, but Straight Alphas need to breed and spread their seed.

However, I just cant serve someone who they themselves are such a slave to…pussy. I witnessed my sister and my brother in law have a conversation. My sister’s birthday was coming up, and she told her husband that if she didnt get the over $300 dollar purse she was expecting, then there would be NO PUSSY FOR A MONTH. I dont understand Sam. There are thousands of faggots who would drop everything just for the chance to serve my masculine, all American brother in law. And yet he subjects himself to essential sexual slavery from a woman.

Is it wrong of me to look down on these Men? You have some stories of Alpha men abandoning their faggots for a chance to breed with women. They voluntarily submit themselves to a life of servitude towards their girlfriend/wife. There’s even a popular saying from old times, “Happy wife, happy life.” I’m just curious your opinion on all this. It makes me sad to think that so many Alphas are slaves to pussy…are they still worthy of worship?

I get what you’re saying, brother. What can anyone say except that you’re talking about one of the most powerful forces in human life. Men are driven by pure instinct to reproduce, and their minds stop working correctly when it hits them. Do you realize the number of straight Men who end up regretting the decisions they made earlier in their life based solely on sexual impulse? They’re left muttering “What was I thinking?” again and again. 
That’s why it’s imperative that faggots try to break through to Alphas early so that they can know there are other options. Faggots can play a vital role in the realignment of Men in general. We provide the strings-free service Men desire, and that instant relief can help them make more clear-headed decisions in and about their lives. 
That’s a large, birds-eye view of the issue. On a smaller scale, perhaps you should be offering service to your brother-in-law to help him out. He’s a dominant Alpha stud, and he is currently trapped by your sister. Don’t look down on him, though. A lion in a cage isn’t anything less than a dangerous and aggressive animal. It’s circumstances prevent it from doing what it was born to do.

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