I truly believe and agree with what is says in the declaration of independence “we hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal…” But I also believe that some men chose servitude. There is no shame in the recognition that you want to be at your knees in front of an alpha. It is unfortunate that it took a rape for you to realize your true nature and place, but I am sure your conflicted feelings are rooted in the fact that you thank your rapist for showing you who you really are. Am I correct? Have you considered that it’s not the rape you condone but the gift of helping you realize your true and chosen place in life? Realizing your true and proper place in life is a powerful thing and many never find it.

Well, here’s the thing: I already knew I was a faggot when the rape happened. My straight Alpha friend taught me that lesson by forcing me to be his cocksucker at age 17. The rape occurred two years later.
While the rape didn’t reveal my faggot nature, it did teach me more about how Men and Alphas view faggots. It gave me a deeper insight into the rage and lusts that drive the lives of Men. It also humbled me in a way I am peculiarly grateful for today. 

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