Hello brothers,
This is quite a simple problem but I need help in overcoming it.
I am a faggot (22 years old) and my best friend (also 22) is a straight boy. He’s sexy, smart and a little cocky. I know he is alpha with girls, but I want to serve him. To pay him. To worship him. Anything. I have made jokes and comments about it and I call him Sir and King often, but he hasn’t fully realized I would SERIOUSLY serve him, in any way he needed. How can I go about making him realize? How can I let him know?

If you’re best friends with him I’m assuming you spend a fair amount of time together just hanging out and whatnot. Try to get into a place where you might start to “spontaneously” rub his feet or massage his shoulders. Or you can offer to do that. Or if you know he wants/needs something, buy it for him. 
Or, you can do what I’ve done successfully in the past. Strike up a conversation with him and ask him when he knew he was Alpha. This will simultaneously stroke his ego as well as force him to really search his life and examine it in Hierarchical terms. Ask him if he can tell beta males when he sees them, and also faggots. See how he responds to those questions. Then you can matter-of-factly state that you’re a faggot. He’s not going to do anything bad here, just perhaps act surprised. But I bet he suspects you already. 
All of the tricks I’ve stated above I’ve used effectively in the past. They do work. You just need to get past your fear, and keep in mind that this is why you were born. 

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