Hello Sam, I think I am an alpha. I’m fairly young and have felt the need to dominate others. However when I read your stories about Apex Alphas, such as King Darius and Titus and Kyle, I feel intense jealousy at how easy they are able to flex their power, but I also feel a need to be submissive to them. I jerked off the other day to imagining them in front of me and fucking a fag, and then turning towards me and dominating me. Does this mean I’m not really an alpha and actually a fag?

Sir, thank you for writing to me! 
Short answer: ABSOLUTELY NOT!
Longer answer: Your overwhelming need and desire to dominate indicates that you are a natural-born Alpha, but it’s your awareness of the subtle differences between Alphas that really demonstrates your true Alphahood, Sir. 
Let me explain. My Hierarchy chart on the front post of this website describes multiple layers of Alphahood. That’s because, unlike the lower levels of the Hierarchy, Alphas are unique in that you all naturally align into an Alpha hierarchy that is enforced, honed, and sharpened from within. Alphas are constantly assessing the competition, and lesser Alphas naturally recognize and submit to more powerful Alphas on the spectrum. 
The fact that you are doing that indicates your true Alphahood to me, Sir.
So I would forget about doubt and embrace the glory and power nature has entrusted with you, Sir. Everything is within your grasp once you do that! Thank you, Sir!  

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