Hello Sam, I am 22 and have been locked all of October to celebrate locktober! Lately, my top has been very focused on my clit and touching it a lot when he breeds me. Is this normal? Usually we ignore my caged clit and he rubs my stomach and back, so this is all very new. Im ok with him touching it, but it makes me cum sometimes and I think that turns him off. Should I ask him to stop to prevent me cumming? Or just let him do what he likes? Thanks!

Hi brother! Happy Locktober! Congratulations on your accomplishment! 
Many Alphas like to put their hand on their faggot’s genitalia and even manipulate it a little bit as a subconscious sign of possession while fucking them. It’s a physical, silent way to say “I’m the Man and you are the non-male sex object I own” while they fuck. It’s just a pure power move. I honestly think this move is more common as we go up the power charts, so your Alpha must be quite dominant, indeed. 
I understand that it might be embarrassing to you to be touched or manipulated in that area, especially if you accidentally orgasm. However, your Alpha clearly doesn’t mind any of that. In fact, he might like the power of that. So, if possible, just try to view it in terms of his dominance over your body, and relish that ownership. 

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