No no, I’ve been to Germany, England and America. Yet the fags of France seem to be easier. Just something I found out. I fucked a nice French fag while I was there if you wanted to know😉

This is a response to this question from yesterday about whorish French faggots.

Ah, I see, Sir. I’m glad to see prolific Alphas like you generously spreading your seed across multiple continents! 

And thanks for the information about French faggots. To all of my French brothers reading this, keep up the good work! You’re representing the tribe in the best possible ways!

Thanks again for writing, Sir! I love hearing from Middle Eastern Alphas … it is my hope that powerful Men like you can eventually lead to a change in mindset over there. I’ve met a lot of faggots in the Middle East who are trapped and scared. Men like you can provide them purpose, as well as a shelter.