What do you think about this: There is this straight guy I have known for about 6 years. We met at work. I’ve always hinted that I liked him and he always had a girlfriend and had girls hit on him and he’d always turn me down. One day he randomly hit me up to go over. I sucked his dick and now we fuck on a regular and he hits me up all the time this is been going on for about 8 months now. My closest friends tell me he’s gay. Do you think he is? He doesn’t want me to tell anyone what we do.

I wonder why your friends think he’s gay if he’s had so many girlfriends? What are they keying into to make them think that?

Personally, I think he’s probably straight, but maybe inching toward bisexuality through you. I don’t think he’s gay, unless he’s shown some interest in sucking your dick or getting fucked by you (which would indicate extensive experimentation/curiosity). If he’s just basically using you as a faggot, then he’s probably straight or bi-curious. 

By the way, congratulations on finally snagging him after such a long time! Persistence pays off!