Hi, I like your blog. From reading it I get that Im in a rare place. So? I look like an alpha and am a very (lol) popular, high school jock, Im 18. But I am also a cocksucker. I have a beautiful open minded girlfriend and have told her Im bi and she is supportive. I have taken some flack for this, but mostly have kept a huge group of jock buds, many of who I make the rounds with, drink some beer, enjoy some smoke, then they kick back for the head I love giving. They get I like doing it. Well?

My beautiful little brother, I could just hug you! Then I’d also like to smack you in the face out of jealousy! LOL Just kidding!

You’re one of the lucky ones, kiddo. It’s rare for a faggot to be a beautiful, well-adjusted, widely popular jock. Frankly, I’d love to see a picture of you. I was relatively popular in high school for a brainiac, but it wasn’t for my looks (although I was cute enough) so much as my sense of humor. Still, I never worked up the confidence or courage to service any Alphas in my high school (I serviced Alphas from other high schools). I regret that. So I’m proud of you for having that amount of confidence! I think you are part of a new breed of faggot, one I am doing my best to cultivate. 

It’s also a rare thing for a faggot to be easily accepted and used by a bunch of high school jocks. What high school is this? Perfectville Senior High? One thing I’m guessing is that, due to your popularity and physical security, you were much more open and upfront about your desire to suck dick than your average high school faggot. And your jock friends, being horny teenagers, were more than happy to let you have all of the dick you could possibly want. If you mention this exchange or this blog with these young Alphas, tell them that I respect them very much for taking hold of their Alphahood at such a young age.

If I might make one recommendation, it’s this: lose the girlfriend. Ultimately, you are not going to be what she needs in life. Stringing her along isn’t healthy for either of you. You’re trying to live as a bisexual when you are, in reality, a faggot. Embrace that.

Anyway, little brother, I commend you for the life you are carving out for yourself. You’re an inspiration. Stay brave, stay humble, and life is going to work out beautifully for you!