I have trying this bukake you wrote of. Its been great. But let people know its also ruinous. It involves an intensity of sex I have never felt before, and a number of men. I am involved in a jack off group and volunteered to be the “target” as we got to the close of our session. I got rained on, It was exhilarating. I cleaned up a bit, but still left there soaked in so much cum! Warn people its great. But you can never go back to who you were before. I cant wait to do it again!

That’s awesome, brother! I’m so glad you found a safe group where you can experience that!

Yes, it’s very true – facials change a person. I’ve had a couple at a time, and that was reality-altering. I can’t imagine what you went through with many more loads covering you at once (how many? Five? Ten? More?). I’m not sure you can feel less human than the moment a group of Men basically use your face as a cum rag. 

Sure, it washes off … but then again, it never really does, if that makes any sense. The feeling of those loads splattered on your face, the SCENT of ALPHA CUM searing into your consciousness … it’s definitely unforgettable.

It’s hard to go back to drinking beer with your buddies or going to Mom’s house for Christmas dinner after something like that. That act takes you out of the normal human world of Men and women, with their normal situations and normal interactions. 

You’re now a permanently stained cumrag that once dreamed it was a Man.