Can being around an alpha speed up the process of becoming a fag beta boi? I was friends with this guy Kyle in high school and he was the dom, alpha type with a big cock. I was straight when I first started hanging out with him, but after being around him and realizing he was stronger than me and had a way bigger dick, I started getting aroused by his superiority. I think he realized this and had me on my knees blowing him soon after. He def put me in my place fast as a cock sucking bitch boi!

Yes, it absolutely can speed it up! I’ve often said that Alphas have a sixth sense that equips them to detect faggots around them and force them into service. My first Alpha detected and enslaved me. You may remember my ongoing series about Frat Fag (CLICK HERE), a formerly straight college guy enslaved by a powerful college Alpha named Duke. I hear these kinds of stories all the time; it’s very common. 

Thank you for sharing that story! I’m glad Alpha Kyle showed you the truth about yourself! I don’t know if you’re still in contact with this Alpha, but you might reach out to him and thank him for what he did for you. Maybe show him what you shared here, and let him know that he has rightfully become a legend!

Thanks, brother!