I’m not american plz excuse me why does the us federal government have a paid employee called the chaplain of the us House of Representatives?? Why the federal government recognizes christmas (a christian religious holiday) and shuts down for it? Isn’t secularism a principle of us federalism? How come “in god we trust” is written on us money? It’s very confusing!!!

Isn’t it amazing that people from foreign countries understand the principles of the United States better than actual citizens (especially the president) of the US?

My dear friend, you are absolutely correct. The United States government is supposed to have a separation of church and state. The idea was to make a government of laws that would represent everyone equally, and would be free of religious influences so that all people can worship however they want without favoritism.

But, as the late, great atheist Christopher Hitchens once wrote, “religion poisons everything.” 

The churches have cleverly managed to get tax-exempt status in order to accumulate great wealth, which they use to inlfuence politicians. And, as we know, religion causes people to become so fanatical that they do all sorts of terrible things to one another in order to fulfill their personal belief system. 

The recent re-emergence of the fight over abortion is a perfect example. In any free society, a woman should be able to make her own personal choice on the matter of what happens to her own body. But religious fanatics refuse to accept that, and so they poison the well with their money and their hateful religious doctrines in order to force everyone to follow their way of thinking.

Sadly, it seems like the United States is slipping back into the mud of religious doctrine again. It seems like my dream of a perfect society – one free of religion – will never come true.

But in the meantime, I’m glad that there are critical thinkers like you, my friend. The world needs more of that, and less mysticism.