I have friend at work. He’s tall, nerd like yet a total hunk. Might be his beard and personality. Anyway, he broke things off with his fwb because she caught feelings. And he keeps talking about how he literally just a bj from time to time and fuck with nsa. I literally wish I could drop to my knees at the moment of him saying that but I’m afraid it’ll ruin our friendship and that he’ll never see me the same. What do you think?

The friendship is 100% finished the moment you submit to him and start sucking his dick (or get fucked by him). 

Why? Because Men develop friendships with other Men based on core values like respect, honor, pride, etc. Once you kneel and start sucking him, you give all of that up. You might give the best blowjob he’s ever received, but you’re still now nothing but a hole to him. 

Do you really think he’s going to want to go get a beer with you and talk about baseball or shoot the shit after you sucked him off? Of course not. Guys don’t hang out like that with their mistresses, either. Once they’re finished getting what they needed, they move on. 

Men compartmentalize the various aspects of their lives quite neatly. This person is a work friend, this person is the mistress, this person is the wife or lover or neighbor. By submitting to him, you are volunteering to be moved from the “friend” box to the “cocksucker” box. 

So that’s the choice you face.