Hi, do you think its possible that reality for some men might be skewed, where as they might only think they are gay or straight? Or fag or alpha? And that they may just have a healthy sexual curiosity. My case in particular has to do with cock. I kinda fell into this art appreciation aspect of them, and found I love this one, then that one, then another one. Pretty soon Im getting text messages from men I dont know saying “Hey, heard you love cock and like to give bjs” And oddly, Im thrilled.

I hate to be the one to tell you this, but I think this has turned into more than just a “healthy sexual curiosity.” You’re now a functioning faggot who has been fortunately identified and targeted by a bunch of Alphas. 

You’re “thrilled” because you’ve discovered your true purpose. Stop overthinking it, and be grateful for this awe-inspiring gift these Men have given to you.