After an alpha cums what do I do? Do I lay next to him? Do I cuddle him? Do I get on the floor? Do I leave? I don’t know what to do. Usually when my alpha cums he groans deeply and lies down and kind of passes out. He looks majestic lying on the bed in a state of total relaxation. I wish I could sleep next to him

You haven’t mentioned what you’ve been doing thus far. 

This question is a wonderful opportunity for you to show a deeper level of submission to him. Respectfully ask him what he would prefer that you do. This demonstrates to him that his ownership of you extends beyond the sex act. 

Even better: you will get a nice glimpse into his perspective toward you. If he tells you that he wants you to leave right after, then it shows you that he thinks you’re not worth keeping around … but if he says he wants you to sleep on the floor, or that he wants you to sleep in his bed, you can see how each answer can give you additional insight.