There’s some guys living in the next flat. One of them strikes me as alpha material. Straight of course, I even think he has a daughter although not married, living with male friends. We’re friendly but just the typical hello at the door from time to time. He has a car and I want to offer to wash it but it’s almost 2 years since they moved in and I still haven’t had the guts to offer. It would be so weird and awkward. He would probably turn it down and think I’m crazy. What’s your opinion?

It’s a terrific opportunity to have a potential Alpha living right next door! Lots of chances for service!

Suddenly asking this Man if you can wash and detail his car might be a bit too far. Men view their vehicles as an intimate possession of theirs. I’m thinking that you should start with things that are less invasive.

Idea: Can you bake or cook? Offer this Alpha a big batch of homemade cookies or perhaps a delicious meal. Maybe BBQ for them. These are simple but thoughtful gifts that this Alpha can do with how he pleases without commitment. 

Idea: If applicable, can you offer to cut their grass this summer, or do some sort of yard work?   

Maybe my readers have some ideas as well. Answer below!