Help.. I’m so confused. I’m enthralled by the Alpha/fag relationship dynamic, but I have intense feelings for both lifestyles. The idea of owning my own slave and forcing them to submit to me in sexual and other ways is a huge turn on and a goal I have because I know I would be good at it. It feels natural. At the same time I can’t help but shake this hidden desire deep down to be owned like how you write. But by the perfect guy who can put me in my place (there aren’t many) any tips?

You don’t mention how much sexual experience you have, or your age. I’m guessing you don’t have much experience yet, Sir.

The confusion you’re describing typically happens when we find ourselves turned on by something seemingly opposed to our typical nature. In your case, your natural position is Alpha … but your fantasies about submitting to a specific type of Male turns you on. 

Notice that phrase “specific type of Male?” That shows this “sub” side is merely a sexual interest or a fetish, and not truly part of you as a whole. This specific Male – your “perfect guy” – is the contingency required for you to even consider submission. That shows faggotry is not for you, Sir.

If you don’t believe me, then I suggest that you go ahead and attempt to submit to another Alpha, Sir. I think you will find that it doesn’t suit you. 

In my opinion, Sir, I think a more productive use of your time would be to begin flexing your muscles and gaining experience in the role you were born to play: ALPHA.

Thank you, Sir!