natural-hung-bull asked:

Hey Fags. Did you catch the story on 60 minutes re the “Rainbow Railroad”? It got me think of you and reminded me your astonishing accomplishment of saving another human being’s life. You saved your Syrian boy from possible torcher and almost certain death. Now he is safe (safer?). You are an amazing person. And you are a Faggot. Applauding.

I love you, Master. Thank you for this incredible message.

Yes, I am very acquainted with Rainbow Railroad. I can’t tell you the number of tearful emails I sent to them at multiple desperate points in this gut-wrenching odyssey. They weren’t able to help us. My words are not meant to criticize them, because I do believe they were simply following the law. But I can’t accurately describe those crushing moments. It occasionally felt like I was fighting the entire world with my bare hands, Sir.

And yes, my little boy is safe now. He has his own bank account for the first time. He’s already in school. Today he is moving into his very own apartment – his own home. It’s been a series of whiplash changes in his life more extreme than even I expected. 

It’s been the most extraordinary experience of my life.

You know more than most about this journey we just finished. I’m still sort of reeling from it. I poured everything I had into this one act – my money, my time, every tear I could muster, and every ounce of strength. I’m an emotional person by nature, but I never thought that I could even handle the intensity of emotion I had wash through me on a daily basis. 

And I wouldn’t change a single thing. 

Thank you so much my Master for this undeserved message. I have been so inspired by the strength you show so effortlessly, so strengthened by the wisdom and stability I’ve found in you and other Alphas and faggots I’ve met here. Thank you, Master, from the bottom of my heart.