hey, after reading a couple posts of yours I feel like I need to play devil’s advocate. after a few years of lusting after my straight/bi-curious friend, I ended up blowing him after a party. I too assumed I would lose his friendship. Quite the contrary, though, we’re closer than ever and we’re now working together on an art project. All that to say I don’t think all friendships are doomed as soon as one gets on his knees. Cheers!

That’s great! And very rare!!

Obviously, when it comes to human sexuality, there are no iron-clad laws. But I would say this idea that a faggot will lose the friendship of a straight friend once it begins to serve that friend is about as close to a law as you will find. 

Which is why I emphasize the stakes in such stark, uncompromising terms. Faggots who come to me panting over their desire to serve their hot straight friend need to steel themselves against the probable outcome. 

I’m curious – did you just blow him that one time after a party? Or did you become his cocksucker? There is a difference, and that could explain why the friendship survived.

Regardless, I’m glad you did keep the friendship. What you have is the white unicorn of Alpha/fag relationships.