I need to tell ma bf that i want out but I’m afraid hell lash out he’s very intense and can be difficult to talk to …. we have been together for four years and i have endured his bad ways for far too long but when i come home and find him getting a blowjob on a couch that i bought in an apartment that i pay the rent for then that’s it. I talked to him about it and his reply was “maybe if you blew me enough non of this woulda happened”. He never asked for me to suck his cock more. I feel like I wasted four years of my life with cheating bastard. I feel like he doesn’t respect me or even care about me. Living with me rent free and not caring about getting laid off work and not looking for another job. I just can’t take any more of it. He has recorded us having sex on his phone and I’m afraid those will end up on tumblr or pornhub. I don’t think he’d be that cruel and vindictive and i do not want to take any chances. What should i do? 

What should you do?? Get rid of this guy. He sounds like a fucking loser. You must have the lowest self-esteem imaginable if you’re still with him and wondering what you should do.

Tell this guy to fuck off. Then turn around and keep walking. And don’t look back.