I know this is a porn blog but I reckon I have a personal connection with its creator for I have followed this blog as early as the day it was born so forgive my deviation. As someone who’s been through it all, being gay, growing up gay dealing with the challenges of being gay, how do you keep a stiff upper lip and not get drown in depressive thinking? I’m nearing 40 & yet struggling with accepting myself for who I am. It pains, & gives me joy, when I see gay couples at peace with who they are

First of all, thanks for following along with me on this truly crazy ride around here! Hopefully you’ve been (mostly) pleased with this four year body of work!

I never know what to do with these kinds of questions/comments. I feel like anything I could say or suggest will just sound like empty platitudes. 

Comparing yourself to others is dangerous and unfair. Yes, there are others who might have more enviable lives than you, and maybe you aren’t even living your best life right now, but I guarantee you that half of the world’s population (at least) would trade places with you in a heartbeat. 

You’re still young. Anything can happen as long as you stay open to change and experimentation. When I started this blog four years ago, I never knew it would lead me to my baby boy. Now I have the son and love my heart always imagined. The same thing can happen to anyone at any moment.

You’ll never find out by curling up in a ball and hiding yourself away.