Why do some fags act childlike? I have a fag who said he’s scared of the dark because ghosts, I ended up holding him in my arms all night. Is this fag on to something?

Thank you Sir! And thank you for your willingness to help this faggot out!

Ive encountered lots of faggots that have had abuse histories and troubled pasts. I don’t know if your faggot is dealing with that, but it is a possibility Sir.

I’m just going to also add this. Have you seen the movie Bridesmaids? In the opening scene, Kristen Wiig fakes having a nightmare to get the care and affection of a stud she desperately wants to date. This is a very common ploy women and faggots use to trigger the protective instincts of Men. VERY COMMON. I’m embarrassed to say that I have used this technique to great effect in my early fag years.

I don’t mean to accuse your fag of this, Sir, but I just want you to be aware of that possibility!

Thank you Sir!