Hi, I am a young guy working in a high profile state position. I am having difficulty keeping my lives separate. I made the mistake of meeting a very cocky, unlikable man who has a beautiful cock. I am meeting with him regularly to suck it, and now two others, defying logic and my sense of self. He will text and tell me its time. I will drop everything. Sometimes its just him, sometimes the two others. Yeah. One huge 8c cock, one uncut Latin, and one 6c thick. Help. Any advice on taming myself?

If you want me to talk you out of this, you’ve contacted the wrong fag. This is a dream situation for any faggot. I love how this “unlikable” Alpha (LOL) has basically claimed you and started whoring you out to his friends basically without your explicit consent. Clearly this situation is triggering you in some way. I would never talk anyone out of pursuing an urge that strong.