Ive seen fags who suck cock way better than me it makes feel so sad. I tried watching vids of pros giving head they all share one common thing, they all have a rhythm it’s like they’re working the cock to music or something. How do I do this? I want to maximize the pleasure of the man I’m serving. I want him to feel like his cock is the most precious thing in the world!! Because it is!

I understand your feelings on that! I don’t typically feel insecure about my cocksucking skills, but every so often I see a clip of a black fag really doing a number on a cock – swirling head motions, furious tongue action, saliva everywhere – and I get frustrated. 

I mean, just look at this. It’s a masterclass.

It might be helpful to buy a suction-mounted 6-7 inch silicone dildo of decent firmness and put it on a wall. Then work on certain techniques involving rolling your head around from side to side on the up and down stroke. You mention music – it might help to play rhythmic music while you practice, because that might help you memorize the motions as you perfect them.

It’s really worth it to practice, and we live in a terrific time filled with great toys to help us improve. Use them!