I have a fag that has feelings for me. I care for it but I don’t have those feelings for it. He gets angry when I have to leave to go see about my girlfriend. I don’t want to let this fag go, but it is getting out of hand.

Sir, I’m so sorry this is happening! I can hear the struggle in your words; this is not an easy thing for you. 

You remind me very much of the second Alpha with whom I fell in love. I was insanely jealous of his girlfriend, this super-curvy diva of a woman who reminded me a little of Serena Williams in terms of “hugeness.” I would fight constantly with this Alpha, there would be tears on my part, and demands for additional attention from him. 

At the time, I felt like he was just using me and didn’t really care at all about me. Looking back, I can see how much he was struggling to keep me under his control while also developing other parts of his life. It pained him. When he finally dismissed me, I was crushed beyond words. But he was hurt as well. Even in Alpha/fag relationships, there are real emotions at play.

Sorry to fly into personal territory, Sir, but I wanted to set up my answer to you. Sir, it’s time for you to have the starkest, most frank discussion you’ve ever had with this faggot. You need to lay it out in no uncertain terms: 

  • You appreciate owning the faggot.
  • You want to keep this faggot as part of your life.
  • However, you will never love the faggot the way you love a female.
  • If the faggot cannot handle that, then it’s time to end things.
  • If the faggot continues to create problems, it will be dismissed.

If you’d like, you can send the faggot to this post (click here for the permalink) so that it can read both your words and my advice. 

I hope this faggot can develop control over its emotions and remain in your service, Sir. Even after many years, I still feel a hollow spot in my heart yearning to serve that particular Alpha again. He was a very good Man, and I drove him away with my immaturity and selfishness.

I hope your faggot doesn’t make the same tragic mistake.

Thank you for writing, Sir. I wish you well!