Faggot, i think I’m in love with my first fag. We ended things a year ago after the relationship became emotionally heated! We agreed not to date since I’m married to a good woman and has no interest in guys romantically but ever since our last time, I cannot get him out of my head! I miss him terribly and i think i love him. This may sound lovely to you but it is painful to me because maybe he moved on and maybe this will wreck my my marriage!! I’ve got a kid for crying out loud!!

Awwwww Sir, I’m sorry! Sure, this sounds lovely to me to a degree, Sir, but I’m not a stupid faggot. This also quite serious. 

I know this is a frustrating situation that is making you heartsick, Sir. I feel for you. Without knowing the specifics of how it ended (Was the fag in love with you? Were there time expectations not being met?), I would guess that this faggot is probably feeling similar things about you.  

Here’s a deep dark secret about us faggots – we are addicted to our Alphas. Faggots imprint deeply on their Alphas due to the potency of the Alpha’s pheromones and cum. Faggots end up exposed to these elements in intimate ways, and this exposure marks our souls. It’s hard to shake. There are a couple of Alphas I’m still imprinted on after many, many years, and probably always will.

I say this to reassure you about this faggot’s probable mindset. I’m sure this faggot would drop anything if it once more heard the voice and words of its Master. That Master is, of course, you, Sir.

Here’s what I think you should do, Sir: either write to this faggot or call it, and open your heart about your feelings. That wonderful paragraph above is a nice place to start. Let this prized faggot know that you want to have it back. And just see how it responds.

As for the logistics involved in taking this faggot back while married to a female, I don’t know what that looks like. There are many happily married Men who own and use faggots on the side, so I know it’s possible. If two people are of the same mind about something, anything can happen.

You won’t know until you reach out and honestly open up about your feelings, Sir. I hope you do!