Man some nights I miss CraigsList taking down the personals section, so many horny alpha cocks I’ve worshiped thanks to that~ Do you have any stories about using it?

Yeah, Craigslist was awesome. It was like some seedy bar or club that had no rules and no standards. It was instrumental in the development of many faggots, and provided an underground avenue for straight Alphas to find fags to use.

I met a few awesome Alphas on Craigslist. My favorite was a one-off encounter with a young black Alpha whose pictures seemed too good to be true. We met on a Wal Mart parking lot – he was driving his beautiful black Audi – and he had me follow him to the wealthy part of town to this gorgeous mansion. His mansion.

We got into the hot tub in the back yard. Snow began falling. He sat on the edge of the tub and fucked my throat for a while. Then he took me by the hand and brought me inside. There, he threw me on my stomach, rimmed by pussy for what seemed like forever before mounting me and fucking my brains out. 

I left there stumbling, legs of Jell-O and mind scrambled. Awesome.