What are your thoughts on mansmells? I prefer and really get turned on by an alpha that knows he is unshowered and gets off on the idea of me worshipping him even though he may not have had time to clean up. Do you have any experiences with that? I once had to rim an alpha who really got off by that but one day I guess he didn’t have time so he didn’t shower and it was quite gross to eat his ass that day but he made me do it anyway. I ended up loving it and got off after that like never before.

Man smells have been something that has propelled a large portion of my faggot service over the years. It started with foot smells (dirty socks, shoes) and moved to armpits, then to crotch smells (once I started serving Alphas) and then to ass smells. You mentioned your experience with that Alpha’s ass. I had something similar happen with me. My first ass wasn’t very clean, and I was initially repulsed. I did it anyway. Afterwards, I had such a strong craving for Male ass that I would sometimes freak out straight Alphas by going there too quickly. 

Men have very powerful pheromones. My own gut tells me that these pheromones are more powerful than their female counterparts, but I might feel that way because of my genetic disposition toward Men. Whatever the case, these scent markers define a Man’s power over inferiors. They enslave us without chains to the will of Men. Amazing.