How do I make an alpha fall in love with me and leave his fucking bitch of a girlfriend forever?

HAHAHAHAHA oh my … if I had the answer to that, I’d be the most famous faggot on the planet!

You can’t make anyone fall in love anyone else. Falling in love is like magic of rainbows, inexplicable and dependent upon the convergence of perfect circumstances. 

But let’s talk about that idea of perfect circumstances. Or rather, the direct opposite of that. If you are going to have such a nasty, hateful attitude toward this Alpha’s girlfriend, I can guarantee you that this Alpha will dismiss you before he leaves her. Showing anger, frustration, sadness, jealousy, and other negative emotions does nothing but frustrate the Alpha. Eventually, the pressure becomes too great, and he is forced to make a drastic move. You will always be the one to lose.

Remember that old saying – “you catch more bees with honey than vinegar?” Be loyal, kind, thoughtful, and you are much more likely to win this Alpha’s affection or allegiance. 

Again, if you pit yourself against this girlfriend over the love and attention of this Alpha, YOU WILL LOSE. 

Keep reading and repeating that sentence until it sinks in.