Why do fags hate our wife’s/girlfriends so much? Surly they know they’re place right? Why do so many fags want to turn they’re alphas into lovers? I do see a love developing between an alpha and his fag but that’s more on respect and protection rather than romance. Fags need to know we already have that kind of love, but the love we share with our fag is also something they should appreciate, and dismissing a fag isn’t easy, it hurts. That’s my 2 sense on the matter.

Sir, in a perfect world it would happen exactly as you describe. Alphas would have a happy family life, and also have an eager faggot on the side worshiping him and providing no-strings service. In that perfect world, the faggot would have total control over its feelings despite being in constant intimate contact with its Alpha. 

But there is no such thing as a perfect world. Faggots are human. In most cases, the Alpha is everything to the life of the faggot, while the faggot is merely an accessory to the life of the Alpha. Faggots often surrender everything in service, so when they see their Alpha pull away to give their attentions to a female, it understandably hurts.

I’d really like to make this into a post, because I have a few more points to make about this topic. But the above kind of explains the answer to your question, Sir.