have you been raped? Im asking bc I have been raped and I feel like subconsciously that’s why I became a fag bottom

Yes, I have been raped. I wrote about it most specifically here: https://fagsworshipalphas.com/a-rape-2/

I’m very sorry to hear about your experience, brother. I can’t really say whether or not your rape experience contributed to your development as a faggot. In my case, I had already been serving as a faggot for a couple of years when it happened, so the rape was just another nail. What my rape did produce in me is a disturbing craving for rough and violent sex. In some creepy way my rapist unlocked aspects of my submission that I didn’t understand before. 

It was terrifying to live through, but, in the years since, I have found positive aspects of it to carry with me. I really hope you can come to some peace too.