I consider myself an Alpha, nothing makes me horny that finding a slutty fag who wants nothing more but to drain my balls with their mouth. But I also love to suck cock and give my fags some pleasure, but only on my terms. Does this make me less of an Alpha?

I absolutely think many faggots would feel that way about you, Sir. You must understand that many faggots HATE having their fag penises sucked or even touched. I fall into that category. In fact, I actually recoil from it. When a fag is in subspace, its own penis is virtually nonexistent. Having it touched or sucked breaks that subspace, and puts the faggot in a position it is not really accustomed to handling or understanding.

Additionally, when an Alpha sucks on a faggot’s penis, there is no way to make that act anything other than a submissive act. Yes, Sir, I know there are Dom/sub games (like edging, teasing, etc.) that can be played, but that doesn’t change the fact that what these games do is provide “pleasure” for the faggot. And that isn’t a natural or comfortable role for the faggot in most cases.

Ultimately, though, you can do whatever makes you happy, Sir. As an Alpha, you have the right to pursue whatever interests you; the faggots you use can (and apparently do) make adjustments. 

I hope you understand where I’m coming from with my answer, Sir. I don’t mean to judge you at all. I’m just trying to explain the perspective of many faggots I’ve known, as well as my own experiences. Thank you, Sir.