Sir, yesterday an actual straight conversation Alpha on Twitter let me tribute him. then he posted a screenshot making fun of me and I got a flood of DMs from other Alphas calling me a fag and demanding cash. it’s the best thing that’s ever happen to me as a fag and I feel like a sign I need to devote myself full time to Straight Gods. I am so reluctant to give up my fancy life and apartment, but if there’s this much demand and they were so willing, it feels like a real choice I could make.

I’m not a Sir, my brother.

I’m glad you’ve found purpose! Faggots who are unable to serve Alphas in person or who are unwilling to make the leap into service do well to serve Alphas financially as a cash fag. There is no shame. As I’ve written before, the effect can be quite exhilarating for both the faggot and the Alpha. 

EDIT: I would caution you and all faggots about being approached by Alphas demanding money, @depravedfagfortruealpha. True Alphas don’t need to approach or bully faggots into surrendering their cash. An important point – thank you @musclebrutality!

I don’t know why you’d need to give up your fancy life and apartment in order to serve these Alphas financially. In my experience, most decent finDoms are just looking for regular and reasonable sacrifices, not thousands and thousands of dollars at a time (they’d take it, of course, but they aren’t expecting it). As my personal favorite (@CasterDom) always says, it’s about sacrifice for him. It turns these Men on that a faggot would skip its morning coffee or skip a night out at the movies in order to tribute that money to them.

I hope you continue to find fulfillment in findom, my brother. Just be careful – it’s as addictive as any drug!