Do most beta fags have experiences that made them realize they were such? I shared a story about my friend Kyle, the big cock alpha stud, who had me sucking his dick. Before that though I had been in denial about how arousing seeing his cock was. I was still trying to be straight. One night while laying in bed I couldn’t stop thinking about him and just jerked off while thinking about how big his cock was. That was a big turning point since I had to finally admit his cock made me cum soo hard.

Yes, I remember your previous ask quite well (click here to read about this fag and his former Alpha friend Kyle).

Yes, I do believe that faggots have those “flashpoint” moments in their history when they realize that they are not like other boys. For me, it involved this boy in junior high named Bob. He looked a bit like a blond Kyle McLachlan, tall and lean and an ass that could’ve been displayed in a museum. 

I spent every day searching for him in the halls, then run up and fumble over my words when I’d talk to him. One cool look from him would stop my heart. I wouldn’t call him my friend, but he was kind to me.

Then one day in the lunchroom Bob left his friends (he was part of the popular football crowd) and stayed with me and we had a really nice conversation. I was so ecstatic over my time with him that I went home and furiously jerked my tiny fag penis while thinking about sucking him off.

And when I finished, the realization washed over me – the infatuation I had in sixth grade with George was not a fluke. I was GAY. 

As I’ve said before, I spent several long years pretending to be heterosexual before my first Alpha obliterated that fantasy forever.

So yes, my brother, I know exactly what you mean.