Alphas confession, I prefer fags over girls because I know fags will be anything for me. Unlike girls fags are selfless. And better suckers, if only your kind could get pregnant we wouldn’t need girls

Thank you so much for writing, Sir!

Yes, it’s amazing how many straight and bisexual Alphas (mostly) give up on girls once they experience the seemingly endless worship and service of faggots. It’s like their eyes are suddenly opened to the truth about their worth. Men don’t think about how important being worshiped is until they actually receive it. Then, they’re hooked. 

I do believe this need to be worshiped – honored, respected, revered – is as important as anything else in life to a Man. This is particularly true of Alphas. Men like to see inferiors kneeling before them, submitting to their power, acknowledging their Superiority. It’s an unparalleled ego rush. 

I’m so glad to hear that you are now experiencing the fullness of your Alphahood, Sir! This is what you were born to be, Sir! Live it!