I am an alpha and my penis is 7 inches long. it’s definitely not small but I still get insecure about it because a lot of faggots and women seem to prefer huge monster dicks. is my insecurity worth having?

Thank you for writing, Sir!

First of all, let’s establish this truth: the average erect penis size is around 5.5 inches, so you are substantially larger than average.

Now let’s talk about a second truth: An Alpha is not an Alpha because of any physical attributes. Sure, a handsome face, perfect proportions, or a huge cock might be nice additions and help with confidence, but they are not THE MAN. An Alpha is the Man inside, a being of Superior confidence, drive, ambition, strength, foresight, wisdom, and power. These qualities are inborn and honed through a lifetime wielding them on others.  

Your power does not come from your cock, Sir. You are Alpha because of the Man you are inside. Your cock is merely one physical tool you can use to express the dominance surging inside of you. 

If any female or faggot ever thinks you are less of an Alpha because you don’t have a 10-inch cock, then they are the ones who are mistaken. I think you should ram your cock into their asses without lube and see what they think about the size of your cock. Maybe put your hand around their throats and Rut them into unconsciousness. Give them the fuck of their lives, and see if they change their minds.

I guarantee you they will, Sir. You are Alpha, and you’ll always succeed.