How do I get my fag to put my dick in his hole? Its 9.5 inches long. He loves to suck and worship but he doesn’t want it in his ass.

Thank you for writing, Sir!

It all comes down to fear, obviously. The fag may not have ever been fucked before (?), but regardless it is scared of your massive dick (as an aside: I do feel sorry for Men with very large dicks because they’re often met with these kinds of problems). So we must get the fag warmed up to the idea of having you penetrate it.

Here’s what I suggest, Sir: have a series of “play” sessions with the fag using a decent-sized dildo. Start off having the fag insert the dildo into itself and work its hole. Then, as time goes by, you can start manipulating the dildo instead, forcing the fag to accept penetration on your terms rather than it’s own. 

You might also consider buying a prostate massager, preferably one with multiple speeds. If the faggot experiences a prostate orgasm, it might learn to appreciate its pussy and what it was made to do – please your cock.

With a little patience on your part, I think you can get this fag over the hump (pun intended) and ready to open up for you!

Good luck Sir!