I just found out my fag of 5 years is a teacher and my sons favourite, What should I do?

Hello, Sir! Thanks for writing!

What should you do? I think you should keep using your fag as if nothing ever happened. Why does it matter if you are fucking your son’s teacher, Sir? You and your son are both giving this fag purpose; for your son, the fag is a guide … for you, the fag is your sex slave. There seems to be no reason why such a beneficial situation should be cut off or changed.

But I just had a porn thought – if you think your son is developing into an Alpha and you want to encourage him, when he gets of age perhaps you can introduce him to the joys of being serviced by your fag.

Yeah, that last part might be stretching things a bit. But it’s fun to imagine!

Anyway, Sir, I do hope you keep your faggot. It has been serving you faithfully for five years, and it can’t help the fact that it is your son’s teacher. It shouldn’t have to lose out on the privilege of serving you because of an insignificant coincidence.

Thank you Sir!