As an alpha, I feel like I have a slightly strange interest. Whenever I have a faggot one their knees and worshipping my cock, I love to grab their hair and hold them still as I grip my spit shined cock and slap them across the face or rub it into them for a solid minute. Why do you think this turns me on so much?

Thank you, Sir!

It’s not a strange interest at all, Sir. This is merely the animal side of your natural masculinity coming out.

Men like to think of their cocks as weapons (in some respects, they truly are). Their cocks pierce like swords and break down barriers like a battering ram. The more imposing their cock feels and appears, the more powerful they feel as Men.

Slapping a faggot (or anyone) with your cock reinforces the weight and strength of your cock. For the faggot, feeling that weight smacking against its face highlights your power as an Alpha Male. This act forces the faggot into a defensive, submissive posture while simultaneously elevating your dominance. It’s extremely powerful and primal.

Also primal is this urge you have to rub your cock and balls on the faggot’s face. Subconsciously you are marking the faggot with your scent. Once again, that is a behavior left over from our animal past and still dictates the Male Hierarchy to this day. By marking the faggot, you reassert your Ownership of it while also reminding the faggot of its place every time it catches a whiff of your particular set of pheromones. 

I do believe that Alphas who consciously or unconsciously do these things are among the most dominant Men on the planet. These are Men deeply in touch with that Predator within. It is exhilarating to serve Men like you, Sir!

Thank you for writing, Sir!