Ramadan isn’t about torture. It’s to fast from sunrise to sundown in order to remember the poor and the hungry. If one is sick they’re not required to fast. Also christians fast too. It’s not just a “muslim” thing. Happy Ramadan, brother. We may not agree on religion bit surely we can all get along if we really try.

I’m not fighting about it, my brother. However, if Ramadan was such a special time of bonding and thoughtfulness, then I would imagine all of the violence in the Middle East would cease during that month (but it doesn’t). In the case of my baby boy, he was in abject poverty and received no such acts of kindness, only selfishness and hate. 

The traditions of Men are ceremonial acts meant to represent a person’s piety, but they are empty gestures. True love is what I did instead, reaching out a hand to him in the most desperate situation imaginable and saving him. I’m not bragging. I just want to illustrate the difference between truth and lies.